Submit to the NPPA Winter What We Do Show


This show includes photojournalistic and documentary style photographs. The show is mandatory for Photojournalism (JPHR) majors and students that have shown an interest in photojournalism by attending NPPA meetings.

All submissions are due at Loret Steinberg’s door (07-2294) by or on Monday February 8th. You may submit up to 10 individual images total plus one photo story of up to 8 images. The categories are Sports, Editorial, Features and General News. Editorial images are stylized, Features are found stories and General News includes any other newsworthy events. For any further questions, please ask an NPPA officer.

For individual image categories, image size should be at least 11” on the short side. For the photo story category, each image should be at least 7” on the short side. This is the IMAGE size, not the paper size.

For multimedia submissions, it must be a .mov file, submitted on a CD with a text file listing your name and story information. Maximum story duration of 5 minutes.

Your name must be written in pencil on the back of each print. Please fill out an entry form for each photo. Images in a photo series should be numbered in the order they should be viewed. Entry forms and prints must be submitted in an envelope with your name. CAPTIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. If selected, you will be notified via email by February 17th and must mat and return the print by February 24.

No late submissions will be accepted. Anyone with questions should call President Kate Bubacz: 215.479.0052 or email


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