My Summer Internship: Brittney Lohmiller

Left RS and JS both of Millcreek Township shout in protest outside of the Bayfront Convention Center on June 16. Both protested former Vice President Dick Cheney's speech at the Manufacturer & Business Association's 105th annual event. Photo by Brittney Lohmiller

Since June 1st, I have been working at the Erie Times-News in Pennsylvania. This has given me a new appreciation for newspapers and newspaper photographers.

My daily work includes shooting 3-5 assignments and then processing the photos for the next day along with pulling photos for the next day to go into the newspaper. Newspapers are all about planning for the next day and the next week. Organization is key which is something I really expected to be so important. Something that I learned from school, is to get everything right in the camera. Meaning that exposure, color balance, and lighting are all where they should be. Newspaper edititng is very fast and if everything is correct in the camera it makes editting faster which makes your editor happier.

I’m currently working a project about vacation bible schools in the area and will also be attending a mass baptism which I’m hoping to get some great moments from.

Get regular updates from Lohmiller during her internship at the Times-News at her blog, “here’s hoping,” and see her work online at


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