My Summer Internship: Chris Langer

Kids participate in the Oreo Cookie Licking Contest held by The Simon Kidgits Club at Great Lakes Mall last Saturday.

Internships are a way to respond to problems for real life clients. My internship at the News-Herald gives me the chance to work in the field as a professional photographer. I am assigned daily photo assignments and I blog my impressions of the assignment for class credit.

One of the first and most important things I have learned is the importance of thinking about the assignment beforehand. Asking questions and talking to the reporter (if there is one) helps develop a sense of the story before you get the chance to meet your subject or event. Going in with a plan and thinking about the pictures ahead of time results in a better shoot overall.

Some things I think about before going out to an assignment:

  • What is the story the reporter is telling to tell and how can I visually tell it? Are there any moments I NEED to capture and what are they?
  • Is there anything that could complicate this assignment? For example, restrictions of what I can shoot.
  • Where is my assignment taking place, do I know how to get there? Do I need to carpool with the reporter?
  • Do I have the right gear for the assignment? Do I need a longer lens?

Having the work experience and being able to shoot everyday creates a habit and better understanding what newspapers demand from photographers. Some of my common mistakes on assignments are lack of variety in shooting/composition, missing important moments, and not being patient enough.

For the remaining 5-6 weeks I have at the News-Herald, I hope to make better pictures, push the envelope even further. I want to be diverse in my shooting and more conscious of my camera frame. I want to constantly push for moments, even if they are subtle.

If you are interested in looking at my progress while at the News-Herald, you can follow my blog.

Chris Langer

2010 Summer News-Herald Photography Intern


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