Photo of the Week 01/13/12

Since Friday was our first meeting after winter break, we spent most of the time discussing what everyone did over break and talking about images from break. We haven’t devoted much time to discussing Photo of the Week lately, so it was good to spend time doing just that. We discussed every submitted photograph.

In a little over a week (Jan 27), photographer Alan Chin will join us during meeting. Check out his incredible work here. We’ll post details of his visit soon.

As we look to do more fundraising, we need ideas of things to do. A couple ideas tossed around have been photographing club events for sponsoring clubs or selling stickers or t shirts. Feedback on these suggestions and more are welcome.

Congrats to Josh Barber and Prisca Edwards for tying for first place.

Photo by Josh Barber. The anchor leg of the Lansing High School 200 meter Freestyle relay sits for a moment of reflection during a dual meet against Odessa Montour, December 20, 2011 in Lansing, NY.

Photo by Prisca Edwards. Win Nu San kneels and looks down on her deceased father's face one last time before he is lowered into his grave in the Christian Section of the Kone Boo .8 Cemetery in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar on December 16 2011. Her mother passed away just months before in September.

We’re going to try something different and post a little gallery of all the submitted images. Let us know what you think in a comment!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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