Photo of the Week 09/07/2012

Congratulations to Joe Philipson for winning first place! Mathew Burkhartt and Jonathan Foster tied for second place:

Children in Bhaktapur, Nepal, take a break from the heat of the day at Mahakali Temple. The temple is surrounded by a pool of water and serves the community as a place to play, gather water, wash, and even pray. Photo By: Joe Philipson

Matt Camporeale assists his daughters, 4 year old Mianni and 2 year old Naomi add some flavored syrup to their ice cones at the Kona Ice truck at Dryer Road Park during Victor Parks and Rec’s annual drive-in movie sleepover, August 25, 2012. This was the fourth year Victor Parks and Rec held the event, at which the movie Dolphin Tale was screened. Photo By: Mathew Burkhartt

Fabian Martinez, one of the vigil organizers and a friend of Pablo Fuentes hugs friends and family during a vigil on June 20, 2012 at the site where Fuentes was shot outside Club Paraiso three days prior. Martinez held Fuentes in his arms as he died in the parking garage just off Queen St and Orange St in Lancaster, PA. Photo By: Jonathan Foster


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