Welcome back to a new semester and the new year, and congratulations to all of the winners of this semester’s Picture of the Break! Santiago Zurbía placed first, Jackie Molloy came in second, Brittainy Newman placed third, and Kristen McNicholas won an honorable mention! Thank you to everyone who submitted!


Bill Mull vacuums his funeral home in preparation for a funeral service in Waterloo, N.Y. on December 7, 2015. Since Bill works mostly by himself his responsibilities include preparing the deceased for the viewing, acquiring the necessary permits and paperwork for transport and burial, as well keeping the house clean.

First Place: Santiago Zurbía


(From L-R) Maddie Holmes, Chrissy Hops, Schuyler Westfall, Robin Rider, and Camryn Burrel of Victor High School’s varsity cheerleading team celebrate after winning best in their division on Feb. 13, 2016 at a compeition held at Pittford-Mendon High School. The team also won best overall performnce of the day.

Second Place: Jackie Molloy


Juan Carlo Rodriguez Martinez, 49, cuts Kean Leroy Umpierre’s, 9, hair on January 22, 2016. Since 2011, Cuba has recently been able to open many forms of private enterprises, like this makeshift barber shop located in Juan Carlos’ home in Old Havana, Cuba. Posted prices at state barber shops and salons mandate that standard haircuts cost 80 centravos — about 4 American pennies — for men and 1.20 pesos, or a U.S. nickel, for women. Instead, barbers typically charge 10 pesos, nearly 50 cents U.S., then pocket the difference. Some small enterprises worry however that even if they can charge whatever customrs are willng to pay, they won’t be able to make enough to cover their new expenses.

Third Place: Brittainy Newman


A young boy asks for money from American students in Havana, Cuba on Jan. 22, 2016.

Honorable Mention: Kristen McNicholas


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