Congratulations to the winners of this week’s Picture of the Week! Daniel Vasta won first place, Michael Owens won second place, and Dominique Hessert won third place!


First Place: Daniel Vasta

“Life can change so fast,” said Vincent Vasta, “In one day I was diagnosed with kidney failure and I lost my job. All in one day”. Vasta rests in the living room of his home. in Swedesboro, N.J., March 13, 2017.
Last year Vasta began treating the kidney failure with home dialysis, a process that requires him to hook up to a machine each night that does the work of his kidneys. The treatment is extremely taxing on his physical, mental and emotional health. “If I stopped doing the dialysis I’d have two weeks to live”.

Second Place: Michael Owens 

Ryan Jeter, a Rochester Institute of Technology 3D Design student, gets air off a make-shift jump while Amir Baghdadi (L), University of Buffalo Mechanical Engineering student and Alec Burns, RIT New Media Design student studies inside Java’s coffee shop on the RIT campus in West Henrietta, N.Y. on March 20, 2017.

Third Place: Dominique Hessert

Eddie Linehan, an Irish folklorist, poses for a portrait in his home in Cusheen, Ireland on Mar. 16, 2017. “When I think of the people I collected the stories from, it’s a way of passing on their knowledge,” said Linehan. “When I’m telling their stories, those people aren’t dead. That’s why I collect stories from old people. The knowledge of stories they have is vital, and once that’s gone you can’t revive that.”


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