2012 What We Do

**Form has been updated**

Here you can find everything you need to know about the 2012 RIT NPPA What We Do Show. This juried exhibition showcases the best photojournalism work from RIT students.

Entries Due 3/14/12 by 11:15pm in the PJ lab. 

Questions? Email ritnppa@gmail.com or see any NPPA officer

Click here to download your submission form. These should be filled out digitally, printed, and attached to your printed image.

You are required to add specific IPTC to your files, including the category your images fall under. See this PDF for details.

Contest Rules

What We Do Contest & Show

The mission of the What We Do Contest & Show is to recognize excellence in student
documentary photography and photojournalism.
Images should reflect the news events and social issues with respect for the integrity of the
scene and the intent of the moment. Scenes that are set up or staged by the photographer do not honor the essence of documentary photography. Digital manipulation and manufactured photo illustrations are not eligible except in the Illustration category. It is the only exception.
Routine image correction for exposure and color toning is acceptable. However, judges will
disqualify entries that they feel over manipulate the image or exploit the process. Print quality
will be taken into consideration by the judges. Poor quality prints will be disqualified.The genuine goal is to review and honor work from this past year. Guidelines state that entries “must have been taken or published for the first time during the period from March 1, 2011 to March 14, 2012.” We recognize that some may exploit this “or published” phrase. A few pre-2011 images are acceptable, if they are an integral part of a story and have not been published before. Please consider your purpose for submitting pre-2011 images.Images can come from school assignments, internships, professional assignments or personal assignments.Guidelines:-       Photographers should enter work individually, group projects will not be accepted
–       Prints must be 11 x 14 paper, centered with a minimum half inch border on all sides
–       A disc with all submitted images, sized at 3000pixels, 300 dpi and adobe rgb must be submitted with each entry for archival and publicity purposes. Images on the CD must be organized into categories
–       A word document with all captions labeled according to image numbering and any submitted story synopsis must be submitted with the entry.
–       All entries must be submitted in a labeled envelope.
–       Digital manipulation, manufactured photo illustrations, double exposures, added masks, backgrounds, text or other artistic effects are not allowed except in the illustration category
–       Each image must have a typed attached entry form in the upper right, be sure it is firmly attached.
–       No written or printed information is allowed on the print
–       Deadline is due by 11:15pm on March 14, 2012 in the PJ Lab (rm 3140)
–       Submit a maximum of 30 entries; picture stories and portfolios count as one entry each
–       Picture story entries must contain a minimum of 5 photos and a maximum of 12 photographs
–       Picture story entries must have a story synopsis attached on a separate piece of paper to the first image in the picture story
–       Multimedia stories must be produced and completed within the contest period (February 2011 to deadline)
–       Multimedia stories much be submitted on a single DVD – R disc labeled with title and name encased in a labeled a white envelope
–       A portfolio must include six to ten singles and at least once picture story. Portfolios may include a multimedia story.
–       Singles may not be repeated within a portfolio as a single entry and a story.
–       Photographs should be numbered in the order of viewing, multimedia will be viewed last.
–       Any image within a picture story or a picture story within a portfolio, must be dually printed to be entered a single image category.Category DescriptionsSports Action
A photograph that captures peak actions of indivudal or team sports. Jubilation, dejection and reaction photographs should be entered into the sports feature category.

Sports Feature
A photograph that increases understanding and appreciation for individual and team sports or
celebrates the role athletics play in the lives of amateur and/or professional athletes and fans.

A photograph from a news event, social issue for which planning was possible, or breaking news or unplanned event taken in the course of daily coverage.

A candid, un-posed photograph that reflects the human experience, celebrates life, or chronicles a cultural trend. Respect for the dignity of the subject is important.

Picture Story
A candid, un-posed story or essay that reflects the human experience, celebrates life, or chronicles a cultural trend, important social, economic, or political issue.

Multimedia Story
A multimedia story or essay that reflects the human experience, celebrates life, or chronicles a cultural trend, or an important social, economic, or political issue. Each entry should be a single feature story or essay of at least 2 minutes in length.

Illustration/ Portraiture
A photograph that is contrived, posed or otherwise set-up in any way. Digital and photographic manipulation is allowed. A photograph may be used as source material for the conceptual illustration, or the may be totally artificially produced. Food photography, still life, portraits and heavily manipulated imagery are all examples of this category.


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