Notable and recent graduate members of RIT NPPA working as visual storytellers:

Molloy-6 Maureen MacGregor
tumblr_myoynefP7f1rk72gpo3_1280 Jordan Roth
Mev McMahon
Colleen Cambier
Molloy-5 Jackie Molloy
Photojournalism 1 Daniel Witkowski
Blu Boat
Elijah Sinclair Walker
  Niki Walker
Donny Bajohr
Heather Casey
Kim Bubello
NPPA POTW Break and Week 1 - First Place: Tom Brenner
POTW_Spring_5-1 Zack DeClerk
Gerald Visconti of the OCFCU Cycling Project takes a spill into a mud puddle during the Masters Men 40+ at the Cobb's Hill cyclocross race at Cobb's Hill Park on Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013. Cyclocross consists of many laps in which cyclists ride over pavement, grass, steep hills, and obstacles in which they quickly dismount and navigate the obstruction. "They changed the course last minute, I went right into the water. Whoosh!" said Visconti. Photo by Rugile Kaladyte Rugile Kaladyte
Serge, 18, brushed his hair with a toothbrush before attending church for the first time. He was unable to find a comb. Sarah Ann Jump
 Dominique Hessert 
   Michael Owens
   Meg Oliphant
Kate Bubacz
Craig Dilger
Andrew Dolph
Seth Gitner
Marco Flagg
Heidi Hoffman
Nicole Jarrett
Steve Pfost
Jason Rearick
Adam Richins
Jen Rydna
Jonathan Sanger
Tom Starkweather
Andrew Ong
Evan Witek

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