POTW Submission Protocol

Entries are to be emailed to ritnppa@gmail.com

  • They should be attached as 3 image files
  • They should not be embedded in the body of the email
  • Zip files are acceptable but not preferred

The deadline for submissions is 5:00p.m. the day of the meeting (Tuesday night).

All images should include correct metadata including:

  • A complete, ready to publish caption
    • The caption should not include a name in the credit line
  • The photographer’s name, contact and copyright information
  • An accurate capture time

Image file specifications:

  • JPEG with little to no compression (level 8-12 in photoshop/80-100 in lightroom)
  • 3000 pixels on the long side
  • sRGB Color Space

File Naming

  • Should include  Last Name, Semester, Week Number and a File Number
    • LastName_Week#-FileNumber
  • eg. Smith_Spring_Wk5-1

Resources for writing metadata



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