Congratulations to the winners of this week’s Picture of the Week! Traci Westcott won first and second place, and Brittainy Newman won third place!


First Place: Traci Westcott

Anita Manuele comforts her daughter, Catherine Kwiecien (cq) after Easter Sunday mass at Trinity Reformed Church in Brighton, NY. Kwiecien’s 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of muscle tissue, for the third time in January of 2017 “Church is always really hard for me…it’s just one of those places…” says Kwiecien.

Second Place: Traci Westcott

Kailee Kwiecien (cq), 5 braces herself for a cold mist of adhesive remover while her nurse begins to peel back the bandage over her tubular catheter attached to her access port. Kwiecien just completed 5 days of inpatient chemotherapy in her sixth cycle of her treatment at Golisano’s Children Hospital.

Third Place: Brittainy Newman

Justin Leuws Cruz, aka Velvet Remmedii, 19, poses for a portrait at the 13th annual Tora-Con event put on by RIT’s Student Anime Club on Apr. 23, 2017. Anime enthusiasts attended the two-day event, which featured discussion panels, celebrity appearances, a concert, live action performances and countless costumed characters.


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